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 Yes, I am familiar with the Lucius Tate tapes, or Lucius Tave as you
say it is supposed to be. We first heard a fuzzy copy of it about 5
years ago.It is a classic. I and my 3 brothers are intellectuals,
who grew up on the old side of town on the edge of the ghetto.
This is one of the funniest tapes we have ever heard.
Me and my brothers quote LuciusTate, like we used to quote Richard Pryor.
Yeah I know who ya is.
He look just like any other little Nigga
You the one what does the concrete work?
We'll kick your ass all over that block nigger.
Well how did it get your name on it nigger?
We will remember it forever.
Know how I found you? Ebay. I had been checking eBay every now
and then. I wanted a copy, and I knew someone out there would
eventually offer it. It was just too cool. I swore to my brothers
that I would find a copy on ebay. I knew it would show up. I was quite
surprised when I found it being commercially produced.