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Legend Of Lucius Tate Prank Calls

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My friend Roy H. called me yesterday so excited because he found your website. We played baseball at Western Carolina University 1990-1994. In 1991 a tape made its way onto the baseball hall one night and everyone went nuts. This is no lie for three years that bootleg tape with your prank calls was played all the time. It was our teams good luck charm and we never went on a road trip without Lucious. We had every call memorized and played it constantly. We were conference champs that advanced each year to the NCAA finals. Needless to say we were very successful and could not have done it without Lucious. Twelve years later when we talk to teamates we still catch our selves reciting some of your prank calls. I am sure Roy has ordered your tapes and we are already letting people know. The rumor was Lucious was a Postal Worker. I don't make a damn to me fellow what you did all I know is that you are very funny and an excellent comedian. My favorite call was White Funeral Home and the dentist appointment with Ann. You are definately a legend at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC with the baseball team. Write back if you get a chance PECKERWOOD!!

Take Care,
George P.