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Funniest Thing I Have Ever Heard

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 I, of course, am skeptical that you are the originator of this but even  if you are not I consider it a great service. Even though I have said the  above I have to tell my story....  I had a great friend that I worked with in the late 80's who's Dad worked  for the phone company. He got the tape from him and brought it to work.  It's kind of like a JFK thing or a 911 thing where people remember where  they were when they first heard the news. The first time I heard Lucius,  I know exactly the time and what car I was sitting in and what parking  spot it was. I was in total awe and til this day I think it is the funniest and strangest thing I have ever heard. There was a point in time  when I felt that I shouldn't listen to it but I worked for the Post  Office in the early 90's so that made me renew my adoration for Lucius.  Like everybody else, I was shocked to know that I wasn't the only one  when I found the sight. I couldn't believe it.  I don't laugh as much about things as I used to in life, but it's  guaranteed when I listen to Lucius and the gang I am going to. I just  laughed when I turned up the damn volume at myself and the mix.  Thanks to whomever you are, always a fan. Yes, I will go to the site and  purchase. It's the least I can do...............   

 Andrea in TEXAS