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Yaz! you's one crazy muthafucka Lucius but you ain't nuthin next to my cuzin Jimmi Jo. Jimmi Jo's so fucked up weez had to lock his ass up in da shit house out back bout wonsta week.That muthafucka shitty somomabitch kepta takin his drawers off and shittin all oda da house.I beat dat muthafucka's ass till his skin turned white. Look like a white nigga. Now dat nasty ass muthafucka just walkin rounda street shittin all oda da town.Last week da poleez foun dat nigga shittin in da trash out back ada Piggely Wiggely. I told dem muthafuckas don't brang dat nasty nigga back da my crib no muthafuckin mo. Day say day don't want that shitty stankin ass muthafucka downd dare at day jail and day put his ass back out da park. I wen down dat muthafuckin park let my dog loose on his ass and ain't seen dat nigga since. Lucius, you see dat nigga walkin downda street,shoot dat muthafucka in da muthafuckin ass.

I ain't playin dat shit no mo wit dat muthafucka. I'z gettin too damn old da be playin wit deez niggas all da damn time. Dat old bitch livin in my house bouta drive my ass crazee wantda fuck all da damn time. Dat stank ass ho wonz' even wash dat ass,and dy ain't ta talkin bout dat whole ass. I'z talkin bout dat asshole.. I told dat bitch see betta clean dat muthafuckin pussy oar I'mo sent her stankin ass oda dare da dat park and let Jimmi jo fuck dat ass in da alley. She gonna get all dem damn bugs and shit crawlin in dat pussy and dat stank ass.Iza node dat Jimmi jo got dem damn bugs crawlin roun his dick.

Iza show goin da get dem damn tapes my brutha and Iza hope you can makes some dough of dat shit you sellin.