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Hey Lucius!

My brother was for many years a rock and roll musician, I play a little myself in fact. He moved to New York City in about 1978. He went up with a band he was playing with and never returned to Texas. He banged around the big apple for several years, playing in rock bands and doing studio work. He, along with a friend and fellow musician opened a recording studio and operated it for several years. They did pretty well, doing any kind of work that came thru the door, demos, radio jingles, full record sessions, editing, mixing, whatever. He got into a "loop" so to speak with people who traded off beat tapes. Some of the stuff that people rented the studio for was pretty funny. Kid's gonna be a star, needs a demo, Elvis impersonators, preachers, rappers, cosmic cowboys, one girl even came in wanting to do an audition tape for phone sex jobs. She made like she was playing with her pussy bitch, right there in the studio. Anyway, he would run a line to a cassette deck and keep a copy of the more bizzare stuff. He would make several copies, send one to me and start trading the rest. We got pretty heavy into it for a while. We had bootlegs of all the classics, the first Tube Bar, Tommy Lasorda and The Dodgers, Buddy Rich (you gotta sit up on that bandstand and play the job like a man) Ray Charles, The Unknown Preacher (I'm tired of so much shit) etc................ But.......when he sent me his first bootleg tape of Lucius Tate nothing else ever came close again. It was and is the funniest thing I have ever, ever heard. I was hooked. I started trying to find out as much about you as I could. I bugged my brother untill he couldn't stand to hear about it anymore. Where did you get it, I asked? Where did they get it? He said he thought you were in prison. As I said, I know I am asking for trouble giving you so much personal info. But to me, it is worth the risk. I have been obsessed with Lucius for years. I started looking on the internet long before you had your web site. I found a few mentions, mostly from bootleg tape traders but no real info. I would love to know who you are, I would love to meet you and know what you do and how you got started. Who did you give the tapes to, how did they get all over the friggin world? Did you intend for it to get this big or did it just happen? Who helped you? Have you gotten in any kind of trouble over this? I know it is asking a lot. If you could answer any of this it would give me a place to start. I'm this close. I will meet you someday. Are you involved in any other types of comedy, writing, acting, etc? I am sending a link to one of my brothers web sites. He has moved out of music production and into film, documentary film work mostly. I have a real job and a wife and two kids. I do some writing, it's just a hobby, I read a lot and play a little guitar. I love comedy, music, literature, long walks on the beach, a warm fire... oh, wrong letter, (still trying to get layed)
Write back if you will, it's one hell of a rush to talk to you.

your loyal fan, Chris