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U.S. Soldiers Laughing at Lucius

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Hey what's up Lucius!

I am a soldier at Ft. Hood, Tx from Louisiana, man I first heard your prank calls about 10 yrs ago and got a tape from a uncle in Dallas. A lot of soldiers listened to this tape and wanted it back then but we did not know where else to get it, I was attending Central Texas University and in a class; me and some other guys were talking about the tape and the old man stated his nephew got it out of a evidence room at a police station "Is this true". When Master P was hot and was doing his comedy thing I knew someone that worked with him and he heard the tape and we were gonna try and get you hooked up but we had know way of knowing who you were Lucius Tate, Bubba Johnson, or Leon. We thought you were Willie P. Richardson but we e-mailed him and he said he had heard of you but he was not you. Anyway I am glad to have found your stuff it will make alot of soldiers in Iraq laugh. So keep doing what you do because your tapes are truly the funniest I have ever heard and it is good that you get paid for it now. Most of my friends gave me the nickname Lucius because I can sound just like you and have made some prank calls that worked.