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Laughing So Hard I Had To Pull The Car Over

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I heard your prank calls about ten years ago, when traveling with my sales staff in Vegas.  One of my employees said that we needed to "...hear this tape", so we plugged it in the cassette player of the rental car.  After only two pranks, we literally had to pull the car over from laughing so hard.
Since the tape was bootleg, we never knew who you were, but I have spoken of you for years to my friends, telling them that you are a "must hear", and trying to remember some of those prank calls.  Well, after over ten years, my girlfriend was able to track you down!  Needless to say, she is a "mutha fuckin' keepa", since she found you!
"6-Second Abs" doesn't have doo-doo on you my friend.  If a person listens to your CD for through 6 tracks, they can consider it a good ab workout!  I defy anyone to go all 24 tracks without having to take a break!
So thanks for all the humor, and know that "...I will be over there in 15 minutes to whoop yo muthafuckin' ass"!