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Funniest Sum Bitch In The World

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Lucius, you are the funniest sum bitch in the whole fuckin world. I bought  Mad as Hell a couple of years ago and I still listen to it in my saddle shop. As a matter of fact, you stay right in the cd player. I heard it over and over and I still laugh my ass off every time I hear it. I am an old, depressed, ex-drunk and I have lived a miserable son of a bitchin  life but, you make my day every time I hear you fuckin with people. I love that shit, used to do some of it in my drinking days but, nothing as good as you. I could never keep from cracking up right in the middle of the whole thing. I hope you never stop fuckin with those people. I am going to order your new CD. 

Another loyal fan, Blaze